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30 x 40 cm




1.2 cm




3 kg

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a) Leveling. Level the surface where the tile is going to be placed with mortar, leveling it at the mason line level.

b) Drip Edge Masonry; install the drip of galvanized sheet No. 22 caliber, in order to avoid stains on the flagstone molding. This drip should be pierced every 50 cm to allow the water flow.

c) Water Seal. Seal the entire slab including the galvanized sheet.

2. Leveling Mortar

The first tile at the bottom of the flagstone requires the leveling mortar. Apply the mortar to the entire edge of the flagstone.

3. Line Level

Install the leveling line from the watershed to the bottom edge of the flagstone for reference and to align the tiles lengthwise.

4. Installation Sequence

The tile consists of a flat tray and a ridgepole. Start by installing the trays from the lowest to the highest part of the flagstone. set the tray with a 16 gauge galvanized wire or a 2” nail.

5. The stringing of the tray is done by vertical columns and must be continued by holding each 3 pieces together and by attaching them to the flagstone by means of a nail for concrete or anchor and screw.

6. The vertical overlap is approximately 5 cm, make sure to cover the perforation of the rows. The horizontal separation between the columns of the concave tiles is up to the client. Cover the entire desired area.

7. Install the tiles from the bottom up, guiding the widest part of the tile toward the lowest part of the flagstone, stringing in the aforementioned manner.

8. Cover the entire desired area and install ridgepoles with mortar of a similar shade.


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