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1. Cleaning

The surface where the tile will be installed must be level, completely clean and free of moisture.

2. Tile Sealing

For natural tile, seal each piece with a specialized clay tile sealer prior to installation.

3. Mixing of tiles

Mix the contents of several boxes of tile to achieve a homogeneous shade of the product, this will help your space to have a unique design.

4. Installation

Use only white flooring adhesive for tile installation. Do not use gray concrete as this will stain the tile.

5. Grouting

Apply a minimum nozzle of 15 mm (5/8”). Use a rubber trowel or grout bag to insert the grout, do not stain or spread the mixture on the tile, be especially careful not to scratch the pre-seal of the tile with the trowel and the grouting sand. Wipe off excess grout following manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the grout adheres perfectly to the tile, repair cracks and any imperfections.

6. Final finish

Once the tile is installed, reapply the sealer of your choice. It is extremely important not to saturate the floor with water during cleaning or it will damage the applied sealer. Be sure to patch and seal the nozzles perfectly to prevent moisture leaks.

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