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Barro Kappa

8 x 30.5 x 30


4 kg

Pieces per m²




Temperature drop


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a) Leveling. Level the surface where the Barro Kappa thermal insulation is going to be placed with mortar to avoid puddles of rainwater.

b) Cleaning. The surface must be clean, free of dust, grease or other objects that prevent the free flow of rainwater.

2. Installation

Install 30 cm apart from the edge or parapets, in order to avoid bird nesting, plus the easy removal of leaves that are deposited on the property.

a) Guide the holes of Barro Kappa in the direction of the slope of the flagstone for the flow of rainwater.

b) Place the pieces of Barro Kappa one after another, forming a grid until the desired area is covered. Do not leave gaps between the pieces.

c) In the case of antennas, chimneys and water tanks, leave the necessary free space of Barro Kappa or drill the necessary pieces with special equipment.

d) Leave the pluvial downspouts in order to not obstruct the drains.

e) In the event of placing Barro Kappa on very inclined flagstones or areas with strong winds, it is recommended to string the product with 16-gauge galvanized wire and hold the pieces together.

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