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Grava de Barro

Grava de Barro

Saco 25 kg.


25 kg bag


Red, cream, brown




1.10 m²

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1. Remove weeds from the land.

2. Level the ground where the gravel will be installed.

3. As prevention, a chemical can be applied to eliminate possible weed outbreaks, this only in spaces where the gravel will be used as paths or footprints.

4. Cover the area with anti-weed mesh in order to prevent our gravel from filling with weeds and getting dirty.

5. Fix the mesh to the ground with special staples that can be purchased at specialized centers. If they are not found, they can be replaced by thick and strong wires bent in a "U" shape.

6. Install the gravel. The most common thing is to apply a layer of 2 cm, in case the size of the gravel is bigger, it can be applied 3 cm.


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